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February 14th, 2008

02:19 pm: D:
  *cough cough HACK* Dangit, and i thought i was over this...

*crawls into James' bed and steals the pillows* Goodnight...

Current Mood: sicksick

February 6th, 2008

10:58 am: Last entry for awhile
  I've decided to prove to Mr. Mason i can be helpful. I'm going to make dinner and clean the house for him. He looked exahusted yesterday too, being a writer must be hardwork. 
   So the pasta was easy to make, and Heather enjoyed it. The house is small, but very livable and cozy. The alien's sure like to play with Heather's videogames when she's not looking, one involved a fake gutair and several color combinations, ( i gave it a shot, the only challageing mode was the 'expert', and even then it wasn't too hard. Games today, too easy...makes me wonder what they teach children in school these days! Honestly...) Along with takeing all the food. I better shop around as well it's all disappearing rather quickly.
  James is excited i'm here i hope Mr. Mason doesn't mind however...i'll make sure James contenues to do the dishes.

Current Mood: contentClean house! <3

February 5th, 2008

02:15 pm: Well...
 Mr. Mason is a very sweet man.  He invited me to stay over with him and...apparently a bunch of alians. 

 Well i'm thinking it over, surely it's better then being here on the roof of the hotel. It's horribly noisy up here, and cold.

 James will be there, and that's what worries me. I hope he didn't miss the part in my letter where i told him vegas wasn't our special place but here at the hotel. 

 James is very forgetful though. I wouldn't be surprised.  

 He probably even forgot he killed me. And still i wouldn't be surprised.

 Well i'm done waiting, i'm going to goto Mr. Masons house, he looks like he needs a woman's touch around the house. He has his daughter true (and she's adorable!), but maybe i'll help with dinner and cleaning up. Gives me something to do while giveing James the cold shoulder. 

 ...Yes, i'm still mad.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

February 4th, 2008

02:20 pm: ((OOC: Application))
((OOC: Here's the app that was asked for. Sorry again!))


Current Mood: disappointedSorry gais...

February 3rd, 2008

09:56 pm: I should have probably asked for a dream book
  I had a dream about James the other night.

He was doing the laundry, and was makeing these kids help him. I'm not too sure what was going on but for some reason he was putting the clothes in gladwear containers. I'm not too sure why he was doing such a thing eaither.

  And then that Pyramid monster came after him in a blue car. 

I hope this isn't an oman for something in the future...or maybe my poor James has finally lost it...or forgot how to do laundry properly. As for the monster in the car, i really have nothing much to say about that one.

I'm going to go back to sleep now and not think of it, it's kind of hard to grasp...

((OOC: god...and too think i acually had a dream like that...))

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